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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

About Angel of Charity

Traditionally, the Angel of Charity is one of the 3 Masonic Angels. Faith. Hope. And, of course, Charity.

Charity is the Greatest of them all. For Charity is Love.

Life can be very challenging for many who might suffer from accident, poverty, disease, abuse or war.

From time to time, we all need an Angel.

Angel of Charity is an Organization simply designed to help the Angel of Charity do her work. Our goal is to Network Masonic and non Masonic charities through a common medium and gateway. And, in time, we hope that Angel of Charity may have the resources to do the Good Will it is intended to do.

I know what it is like to really need an Angel. Won't you help those who need one too? Help us Today in our Mission to help the world. Check out the links and resources on our page and keep an eye on Mission Updates to find where your help is needed the most.

Please Become and Angel of Charity Today.

Thank you.

This site is dedicated to that fairest of inspirations and my favorite Angel, M. It is also dedicated to my Sunrise.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Angel of Charity?
Angel of Charity is an Organization whose purpose is to facilitate charitable networking within the Masonic community and elsewhere. The many charitable institutions of Freemasonry contribute more than 2 million dollars worth of aid to hospitals, patient care, children's programs, auditory and ocular centers and other causes...every day.

2. Can Anyone Contribute?
Of Course! Feel free to navigate the links and banners to the many charitable organizations available on AngelofCharity.org and do what YOU can to be an Angel of Charity too!

You ARE NOT required to be a Member of the bodies of Freemasonry.

3. Is Angel of Charity a 503c Tax Exempt Charity?
The Angel of Charity mission is currently regionally specific to central Missouri where this charity is in development.

We encourage you, wherever you live, to browse our many linked organizations and see for yourself how you may be of help to others.

4. Does Angel of Charity profit from my contributions to its linked charities and organizations?
No. 100% or your contributions go to the charities that you select notwithstanding each individual organizations applicable tos and financial usages.

In other words...Angel of Charity helps you find your way to helping others...for Free.

5. Is Angel of Charity affiliated with any political or religious organization?
No. Angel of Charity is, in fact, independent of ANY organization. The purpose of Angel of Charity is to help and nothing more.

6. Is Angel of Charity an Officially Recognized Masonic Body?
No. Angel of Charity is not directly affiliated with any jurisdiction or appendant of the Freemasons. We are simply supporting their worthy cause.

7. What is the idea behind Angel of Charity?
The Angel of Charity is Love. Traditionally, the 3 virtuous Masonic Angels are, Faith, Hope and Charity. Charity is the greatest of them all.
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